Red Letter Dealer Program

WARN Red Letter Dealer Program

About the Red Letter Dealer Program:

Warn Industries' Red Letter Dealer program establishes Authorized Product Centers for the WARN brand.

Red Letter Dealers form an elite network of retail sales points that offer the highest level of WARN brand product knowledge, product availability, and outstanding installation services.

Red Letter Dealer Features and Benefits:

  • Recognition as a WARN Red Letter Dealer and Authorized Product Center. Includes Identification banner and window decal. Enhances consumer confidence in buying WARN products from a Factory Authorized Product Center.
  • Preferential listing on WARN Dealer Locator Service. Significantly increases referrals from end-users looking to purchase WARN products.
  • Special location listing in WARN full-line catalog. Makes your name and location available to consumers looking for a location to purchases.
  • Regular Communication from your Red Letter Dealer Manager. We are committed to keeping you informed of new products, updates, and special programs. In addition, if you have questions or concerns, contact us! Answers are just a phone call away.
  • Special product offers and incentives through WARN distributors. Promote your store with specials and new product introductions exclusively for RLD's for 30 - 45 days prior to WD release.
  • Stay informed with direct access to WARNs' Red Letter Dealer Partner's Web Site. On this site you will have exclusive access to product information, literature, apparel and more! You will be able to renew your RLD membership and the site will automatically remind you 60 days prior to expiration. See your Red Letter Dealer Manager for details.
  • WARN Purchase Rebate
  • Company Vehicle Program
  • Display Package Program

    Program Requirements:

  • Sell and install a full line of WARN Products.
  • Ability to bring in and promote new WARN products.
  • Must stock a Minimum of $3,000 in WARN product. WARN winches, accessories, and locking hubs are required. Other WARN products determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Minimum 4' of shelf display space devoted to Warn Industries. Display requirements are subject to store size.
  • Installation facilities - on site.
  • Ability to report WARN purchases / sales on request by Warn Industries, Inc.
  • Adhere to the Unilateral Minimum Price (UMP) policy.
  • Be a member of the WARN Authorized Retail Network.
  • Provide Warn Industries with a Resale Certificate. If required by your state law. A Generic one can be provided if you need one.

    Become a Red Letter Dealer:

    Join the Red Letter Dealer program today and be recognized as an authorized WARN dealer, plus receive preferential listing on the WARN dealer locator and special product offerings.
    Apply Here
    if you are interested in becoming a Red Letter Dealer